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Top 2 Cashback Sites | How to Save Money On Your Online Shopping


Cashback sites will pay you when you spend money on retailers or buy financial products and services. If you use this properly, it can save you £100s a year.

How do these sites work?

When buying something online, whether it’s a product from a retailer or financial service, instead of going directly to the site, it might be worth going via a cashback site as this might pay you to do so.

Cashback sites work on affiliate fees. This is where the retailer or website will pay a fee to the referral website e.g. The cashback site and they then pass these savings on to you.

At the time of writing this post, there are two major cashback sites in the UK which are Quidco and Top Cashback UK.

Cashback Sites

Quidco is one of the two largest cashback sites in the UK. This site offers a comprehensive range of retailers and it’s free.

There is also a premium offering which costs £1 a month. Quidco will keep up to £1 of your cashback earnings per month when you’re actively using Quidco. If you have not made a transaction for 30 days, you won’t be charged the monthly fee.

  • Up to 10% top-up on cashback rate
  • Double the Difference Highest Cashback Guarantee
  • Up to 20% payout bonuses
  • Ad-free experience

Top Cashback offers two levels similar to Quidco. The Classic member is the free option that offers competitive cashback rates while the Plus option keeps the first £5 of your earned cashback but offers an additional 5% on all transactions and enhanced bonuses on referring a friend.

Both sites are great options and suggest signing up to both Quidco and Top Cashback as sometimes one will offer a higher (exclusive) rate than the other.


  • Don’t make purchasing decisions based on cashback
  • It does not guarantee cashback
  • Shouldn’t rely on cashback over using an offer code for the above two reasons.
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