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Trading 212 is testing out Value Orders.


Trading 212 is currently testing a new feature that just went it into beta sign up here. This feature allows you to switch between buying modes. Previously the platform only allowed users to specify the exact number of shares to buy. With this new feature shown below, you can now enter the amount you want to spend and the platform will try to buy as many shares for the amount. An example of this option would be if you wanted to spend £100 on Aviva shares at £2.50 the platform would try to buy approximately 40 shares. This works with fractional shares great for those who are using the dollar-cost averaging strategy. 😀 Have you tried this value order feature yet from Trading 212?

trading 212 order type

If you’re thinking of trying out Trading 212’s value orders be sure to use our referral link and get a free share worth up to £100 when you sign up to the platform

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