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Is Toby Deals legit?


Toby Deals is an eCommerce retailer specialising in consumer electronics based in Hong Kong. Like many of you, we also had concerns when we placed our first order. We had never heard of them before and were quite sceptical as they were larger discounts when compared to any other retailer.

After placing an order with them on September 10 2018, a few days later we started looking into the reviews and we were shocked to see almost all of the reviews were negative. This raised concerns about our order for a GoPro HERO HD Action Camera. a few more days passed we got a notification from Yodel saying our order was out for delivery and was delivered later that day. The camera arrived in a week.

We opened the package immediately, inside we found a brand new and sealed GoPro HERO HD Camera Exactly what we had ordered. We then applied a firmware hack to give it hero 5 black functionality which can be found here.

After Toby Deals UK came through we then placed a few more orders over the years that include the following. Zhiyun-Tech TRM02 Tripod, Peak Design – Slide Lite – Camera Strap – Black and the most recent order for Apple AirPods Pro MWP22 with Wireless Charging Case we paid £199 and save £50 from the RRP.

Although delivery time from our experience does vary considerably, they ranged from 6 working days to 10 working days. So as long as you are not in a rush for them this could be a good option. obviously we are not endorsing them, these are just from our experiences using them. it’s probably worth mentioning that we didn’t have to pay any customs fees for as they were handled by the retailer and we have not experienced any issues with the products and can’t comment on their return practises.

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